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Ultimate Pacesetters
Highly Ethical
Consummate Professionals

Jossidy Ventures is a multi-business venture firm, committed to the best business practices in whatever area we invest in or venture into.

▪ Incorporated in 1998 (RCR No. 0305201/02; Certificate No. 961370).
▪ Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
▪ Team of Creative Designers, Digital Experts, Social Media Managers and Innovative Marketing Strategists.

Our Ventures:
Advertising Agency
Business Directory
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Printing Services
Real Estate Hub
Hotels, Travel & Tours

Our Vision:
To become the Ultimate Pacesetters in our various ventures, applying Creative Solutions and Professionalism, using the very Best Standards and maintaining the Highest Ethics.

Our Mission:
To do great work and offer great solutions. To apply innovation through unstinting Creativity, Research and Memorable Flair. To provide a Lasting Competitive Edge for all our associates.

Our Core Values:
Cost Efficient Services.
Thorough Attention to Detail.
Emphasis on Excellence.
Prompt Response to Enquiries, Requests and Commissions.

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